Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make things easy!

Do you use analog or digital equipment?

While there are many opinions about which is better, they both contain many positive qualities. We combine elements from each side to give us the best of both worlds.

How should I send you my files?

You can upload your files securely to our online dropbox, which is accessible upon request. You may also mail your files via USB flash drive, Hard Drive or DVD.

Should I send a rough mix?

We highly encourage our clients to provide a rough mix of the song we will be working on. We understand that this version is one that you have been listening to for weeks, or even months, and that you have become attached to it. Having a rough mix helps us to ensure that we preserve your vision as much as possible.

What is your policy on revisions?

We offer up to 3 revisions per song before additional charges are applied. Although, we we usually get it right in less than 3.

Do you do master projects?

Yes. We include mastering with all of our mixing services as most of our client are looking for a mixing & mastering solution.